Saturday, October 3, 2015

Looking at Epicurean Gourmet Trout Snobs- buon appetito !

Looking at how fussy, ultra selective trout become epicurean gourmet snobs, PFP ( predator foraging profiles) and 5 new effective patterns- more reflections on the Letort Spring Run... thank you Ross Purnell for inspiring me to write this piece from a 'foodie' perspective... two things I'm passionate about: gourmet food and selective trout- I'm very critical of my work, but I think this could be my best piece yet- enjoy!..also a great article from friend Simon Gawesworth on how to get Atlantic salmon and steelhead to ' crush your fly' ...on sale now at newsstands/fly shops/ subscriptions...cheers/na zdrowie, have a great trout ,steelhead and salmon filled autumn!...also a better image of the #16 Baetis BWO wiggle nymph featured that is a killer on the swing with a Frank Sawyer- like ascent to the surface at the end of the drift

Monday, September 28, 2015

Salmon Run of 2015...looking real good so far!

Happy to report that the salmon run 2015 is pretty damn good with excellent large sized fish being picked up in the last few days!

One thing I particularly notice this year is the more aggressive nature of the fish - taking stripped and swung streamers and boss/comets more than usual and more consistently. Can this be a function of less prey in the lake making them more aggressive in behavior?...don't know. But my clients and I are loving it and the fish are spread out in the pools more this year....still have good dates open in October...cheers!

( Justin with a hefty from yesterday that hammered a Squatchy Bitch Leech)

Saturday, September 19, 2015


( AND BTW...they are running much bigger this year!)

In an effort to not answer the phone every minute and get asked" any salmon in yet?"- btw, way love talking to everyone and please feel free to call anytime..WORD..."yes, the salmon are already in"...yes we still have some good dates available for guiding and lodging...yes, lots of salmon avoided the Igloo morgue this summer from the charter boats due to cold water temps spreading out the bait and fish..yes..I think we are in for a hell of a good run despite early scepticism by many....yes, we have no way of judging what is going on in Lake Michigan unless we had a Jacque Cousteau and Calypso crew out there 24/7 ..cheers!- hope to see you this fall for Pacific and ATLANTIC salmon, steelhead, the great dry fly trout fishing going on all fall...and then lake -run browns- we have an amazing fishery- bar none! other salmonid rivers could produce nowhere close to what ours provides

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Pooling up and Staging Salmon/Dry Fly Trout action at prime time...rain needed and coming

Indian summer( sorry native americans for the profiling :(.....still allowed us to experience another non- summer of wet and cold conditions until it showed up in the last few weeks! Not great for all those back at school and had vacations that were freezing and rainy all summer.

Here is the updates:
Pacific Salmon-Chinooks/Kings

Kings are schooling up in the pools on the Muskegon and P.M. where we could swing flies for them traditional west coast 'comet/boss" style- 'rivers of a lost coast'. The fresh rains will bring up more. The Manistee by a reliable source is fishing very,very slow and the heat and low water didn't help matters.

The nice batch of playful fresh dime silver cohos that blew through last week are gone....they dropped the water levels and most are probably pent up in the fish ladders looking for oxygen from the mini heat wave or dropped back to the lake. The cold front and heavy rains this weekend will change everything and it will be "game on" next week!

Still a ton of fish yet to come in due to the wacky summer weather and winter freeze up.

Starting to stage in depths in Lake Huron- This will be the tell tale year if the salar experiment worked or failed for the Au Sable and other rivers there. Also getting closer in Torch .

This is by far the best time of year for us! Blue winged olives, cahill's, Heptagenia hebe, tricos, flying ants , Isonychia, midges, caddis greens/cinnamons , midges, white caddis have the trout chowing down on the surface big time! They are ultra selective and long 6-7x leaders and a stealthy selective approach can bring some beauties to the net- I love this stuff! Also night mousing and streamers are satisfying the big browns pre- spawn appetite driven aggressive tendency. This is a great time to get those beauty brown trout pictures with the spotting and orange/mocha bellies and kypes. 
( Johnny JGM Image)- Steno Canadenses - Cahill

I f we dont have to build an ark from the drama rain/cold front this weekend ,I'll be doing my Selectivity Clinic on Paint Creek Sunday- also at the Paint Creek Fly Show Saturday at Nomad booth.

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